How to get a temporary email address, and how long will it work?

How to get a temporary email address, and how long will it work?

How to get a temporary email address, and how long will it work?

Almost every internet user creates an email address in today's times. Emails are an easy way to communicate both personally as well as professionally. Every website, online service, and apps require an email address so that the user can sign up and access the content. An email address is a necessity in modern times. However, having an email id comes with the problem of dealing with spam mails as your details are entered on numerous sites. These spam mails clutter the inbox, and it isn't enjoyable to clear them up. This is where the solution in the form of a temporary or disposable email comes in.

Understanding a Temporary Email:

Disposable Temporary email can be defined as an email service that is free of cost and helps to receive the emails using an address that is live only for a certain period of time. A disposable temporary email is also known as 10 minutes email address, temp mail, 10minmail, fake-mail, throwaway email, trash-mail, burner mail, or fake email generator. Many platforms, websites, and blogs make it a point that the visitors register to some temporary email address before viewing the content, commenting on their posts, or downloading something. Instant Email address or Disposable temporary email helps protect the actual email address from advertising mailings, spam, and malware. It is best to stay secure and avoid spam.

A disposable or temporary email address allows signing into an app or website without entering the personal details and thus solving the problem of spam and junk mail to a great extent. These email ids are customized for a particular use and can be quickly deleted or discarded once the purpose is solved. The regular inbox is not mixed with the temporary mail inbox and thus keeps it away from spam messages. Listed below are some advantages of having a disposable email address:

1. Easily access numerous websites

Temporary email allows you to sign up to every website to wish to browse. After signing up on an app or website, the common problem is that you get exposed to several advertising messages, junk, or spam emails that flood the inbox. This can create a nuisance and be really annoying. This is why you must have a temporary email address. The temporary email address can be used to sign up for the web page, and your personal inbox can be secured from all the unnecessary exposure. In addition, you will not have to waste time deleting spam emails.

2. Convenience of signing up

The disposable email address can help you to conveniently sign up for all the rewards or special offers available on various sites without the risk of getting exposed to junk mail. In addition, you can use the temporary email address to create an account and get the bonus, gift, or reward without worrying about the following marketing messages.

3. Helps to get rid of the problem of junk and spam mails

The best benefit of using a temporary or disposable email address is eliminating unnecessary marketing mails. Since the websites and apps will not have your personal email address, they cannot send any spam messages to fill your personal inbox. It saves on a lot of storage space and also the time that will otherwise be used to delete these emails.

4. Secure your personal information

Online security is an area of concern in modern times. Digital frauds are on the rise. There are chances that the websites get hacked, and your personal information may be misused. Using your personal email while signing up to different websites will expose you to the risk of online fraud and theft. A disposable email address is an excellent solution to this problem as none of your personal information is revealed while you transact or engage with different sites.

5. File hosting platforms may not be safe

Online platforms such as Google Drive and iCloud are constantly used for file storage. These platforms may sell your personal information to a third party. Using a disposable email account to sign in to these platforms and storing files will keep your Account safe and private.

6. Chatting on online groups

If you are a part of online chat rooms or forums, all the other members can view your email address. The host website may also share it with other members. Signing up using a temporary email address is a great way to protect your personal mail id.

7. Testing an app

Once an app has been coded, the developer wants to test run the same before the real users can use the same. You can use free disposable email addresses to sign up as dummy accounts and test your app.

Creating a temporary email address:

Three common ways to create a disposable email address include signing up with a temporary email address service provider, generating one on Gmail, or simply adding a tag to the personal email address.

1. Go in for a temporary email address provider

Many service providers help in generating a temporary email address for free. These services provide you with an email address that will function for a short period of time and gets self-destructed later. They may also provide you with an email address for routing all the junk and spam emails. These are 100% safe and quick when you wish to create a dummy email. For example, Instantemailaddress is a great temporary email address service provider used by professionals around the globe. Their service provides you with a 10 minutes long email address to access any website.

2. Get a temporary alias on the Gmail account

You can easily add an alias if you are an existing Gmail user. Simply sign in on your device, visit your Google account, select the Account, choose the Personal Info, click on the Name tab, and click on Add an Alias. Next, pick a name for the alias and Save Changes. The alias account can be easily used to sign up on several websites or online services and keep personal details safe.

3. Tagging your regular email address

Adding a tag to the regular email is also possible if you are unwilling to create an alias. While entering the regular email address on any webpage, you may add a tag towards the end, for example, "” If you receive any emails from this tagged list or from someone with whom your information has been shared, then such mails will appear with the added tag in your inbox. It helps you track the sharing of your info and makes it simpler to block such emails. You may use the Gmail filter to delete emails coming with this specific tag.


While it’s a great idea to have a temporary or disposable email address as it keeps the personal email address private, always remember not to send emails from temporary addresses containing your personal information. Temporary email addresses are handy in many situations, but you must always be careful about the information shared. Using a disposable email address will cut down on trash mails and spam and keep the personal information secure.

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