Benefits of temporary email service

Benefits of temporary email service

Benefits of temporary email service

Having an email ID is necessary nowadays to stay on the internet. Any activity you do on the internet is linked or requires you to link to your email address. While there is no denying that with the help of this address, you can connect with friends and family or employees and colleagues. However, that isn’t the only purpose it serves. As all your online activity is somewhere or the other linked to your email address, it is guaranteed that your inbox will be filled with emails that you have no concern with. Apps and websites require you to sign in with an email which they then use to send you regular updates. Some useful, but mostly junk. Why bother with the cons when you can enjoy just the perks of an email address without facing these annoying issues? 

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A temporary email address is an answer to your question. While you can connect your A-tier apps to your regular email, for other sites and usage, you can simply use a temporary one that stores all the clutter, and your inbox remains clean. That’s not it though, there are many other benefits of having a temporary email, and this article will shed light on the same. 

What Is a Temporary Email?

A temporary email, also known as a disposable email address, has gained popularity recently, and the common man has found his shield on the internet. This email simply allows you to access various websites and apps that you don’t want to connect to after your specific work is done. This way, all your personal details linked to your original email address remains safe and inaccessible. 

It is a custom or autogenerated email address that keeps you hidden from the online cookies and can be deleted once the particular task is done. Since most websites now require email login, not all are safe. Using your disposable email in those situations can turn out helpful. Let’s look at some features of a temporary email. 

Features of a Temporary Email

Here are some top features to look at that would simply make you consider having a temporary email instantly. Benefits are still to be told!

  • No registration is required.
  • Keeps you completely anonymous; even the IP address is changed/removed within 24 hours. 
  • It can be custom-made or completely random computer-generated.
  • The primary inbox remains clear of junk and spam. Risk of getting hacked also submerges.
  • It can be created unlimited times, and all emails would be different.

Benefits of a Temporary Email Address

1. Option to access any website without fear

Some websites just wait for your sign-in to blast your inbox with nothing but spam messages. This advertisement is quite annoying and does no good to either side. While the work still needs to be done, this junk is not welcomed. You can access any website with the temporary email, and all the spam would be directed to that. Work’s done and no future hassle also. Temporary emails are 100% valid and can be used anywhere. 

2. Apply for as many offers and rewards as you want

A temporary email allows you to participate in as many contests online. Of course, your chances of winning rewards are different. Still, at least you can apply for multiple ones without the fear of getting your email filled with spam in the future. A temporary email also lets you enjoy coupons and offers that are only usable once per email login. With unlimited emails at your hand, you can enjoy these perks every time you want. 

3. No spam, junk, and trash in the inbox

A benefit we have discussed prior in the article, and it remains the top reason to have a temporary email. Someone who regularly accesses their inbox can be frustrated by looking at all the junk mail standing on top of the useful ones. This also sometimes causes you to miss out on some important stuff. You keep the personal side wholly segregated from the online one with a temporary email. Any website that does not need your personal connection can be accessed through temporary email. This even saves you space on the email drive so that your basic stuff can still be sent, stored, or downloaded. 

4. Personal details are always safe

Online fraud, hacks, and breaches are more common than ever now. While email services have advanced their technology, your personal data is never 100% safe. An email with all your essentials linked to it can be dangerous if it turns into the wrong hands. A-listing websites have various security bars, but some websites or apps that you use do not. Therefore, they are not trustworthy and can cause hackers to access your data. Using your temporary email ID in these cases is the most helpful thing. Especially the autogenerated emails, which have 0% connect to any of your data at all. 

5. More space

Emails like Gmail have a google drive linked to them. This drive has only a certain amount of free space per email ID, and then you have to purchase more. With the help of an extra email, you can simply have a complete 25GB free to store and upload data. A perk that is quite useful. 

Setting Up a Temporary Email Address

There are two types of temporary emails addresses, and we will see how easily you can set them up. 

1. Permanent Temporary Email Address

A permanent, temporary email sounds contradictory but is actually practical when you do not want to make a new ID every time. This single email address would store all the stuff you do not want to link to your original. Moreover, it is simple to set up since you are basically making another email ID. 

  1. Open the page/website where you want to set this email up, preferably different from where your actual email ID was created. For example, if you have an account on Gmail, try making a temporary one on Yahoo or Facebook. 
  2. Enter fake details. Since no identification proof is required, any type of name, DOB can be entered. 
  3. Set up a password different from your actual email. Note the password down somewhere, so you don’t forget it. 
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions, and log into your new account.

2. Temporary Disposable Email Address

This is simple too but a little trickier. Temporary disposable emails are created through generator websites. They are discarded within a set time limit, ranging from 10 minutes to 24 hours. Different websites have different time limits. Temporary disposable email is basically a one-time use made for some work only. After the email is discarded, the spam is no longer a problem. Various websites offer this service, so do check out the ones after research only. 

  1. Visit the generating email website and generate the email. It is that easy in some places since no registration is required. 
  2. Set a timer of choice if the website offers you the option or else work your way around that particular time slot. Once the timer runs out, the email address and all the information linked to it would be deleted. 
  3. You can either extend the time limit manually or simply use a website that gives you the option to discard the email when you prefer. 
  4. These can be created unlimited times, so feel free to use different ones for different tasks.


A temporary email can serve various purposes, and it is entirely up to you which one to choose for which task. Be careful on the internet and make sure you do not link the temporary email to the original one because that will defeat its purpose. A permanent, temporary email gives you the control to discard the email, and temporary disposable email lets you do tasks without getting traced back. Regardless, both have the same benefits at the roots of it. Hope this helped. Stay safe on the internet. 

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